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Cortex is a rising platform for creatives. A new, vibrant form of social media, business and collaboration. A place where people can learn, improve on their craft, build connections and be discovered for their talent. 

Currently, Cortex is an exclusive Facebook group page for creatives, home to over 330 members who post daily to gain feedback from their work. The Cortex group page is a demo version of the full scale site we intend to build very soon - designed for creatives to gain credibility and knowledge from other like-minded, visionary thinkers. 

A major part of what we do is host events which provide a platform for individuals to showcase their work as well as providing a creative space for networking and collaboration. The events we've hosted so far have ranged from exhibitions, pop up shops, live music shows and the Cortex Zine launch party.

The Cortex zine is one of the main avenues we intend to go down as a form of exposure for our members.  

Watch our YouTube videos to get a glimpse of the events: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqDwWsRbIS0aZNuy2T1Vdg

Socials: @cortexcreatives